Soil Carbon Farming – Research & Development Results


From a blank sheet of paper over a decade ago Profit Focused Farming has delivered a soil carbon research & development programme that has resulted in turnkey online 24/7 technology to soil carbon resultsmeasure, manage and strategically plan a carbon positive future for New Zealand pastoral farming and pastoral farming worldwide.

This outcome has been the result of a lifetime in farming including farm ownership, farm consultancy, technology transfer, agricultural science and extensive on farm research.

This has resulted in farmers improving the profitability of farming by:

1. The Daily Net Farming Profit from every kg feed consumed daily with a 30% gain per year over the last four years.

2. The sequestering of soil carbon levels with a 6% gain per year over the past four years.

In spite of conservative New Zealand thinking we have now developed basic farming management tools to sequester positive soil carbon levels on an actual yearly basis. This means that if 50% of all dairying land or around 10% of our sheep, cattle, deer and milking goats farming land adopted this technology we would in four years have met our Kyoto commitments and achieved a positive soil carbon status for New Zealand.


This Would Mean:

1. Our Kyoto levels would be neutral

2. All our produce could be labelled carbon positive

3. Food quality would be greatly improved

4. Human health spending would be reduced

Profit Focused Farming is currently awaiting validation of these results by the International Verified Carbon Standards Authority (VCS) which will then enable them to trade carbon credits on the international markets of the world but more significantly enable New Zealand farmers to hasten their carbon status on the world stage.


The Soil Carbon Facts in New Zealand:

– NZ grassland area = 12.7 million hectares

– NZ increase in soil carbon by 0.2% = Total NZ offset

– NZ dairying area = 1.7 million hectares

– Dairying increase in soil carbon by 1.5% = Total NZ offset

– 50% dairying increase in soil carbon by 3.0% = Total NZ offset


If just 25% of the dairying area adopted carbon farming protocols to average a 6% per anum increase in soil carbon then they would offset all the CO2 emitted by all other industries and households in the country!

The 10 Laws of Carbon Positive Farming

Please share to unlock the 10 laws of carbon positive farming below:

1.  Join a Cluster Club in order to utilize the knowledge and tools available

2.  Establish a Baseline year and adopt a learning culture to strategically plan your business

3.  Identify the relevant Land Management Units in relation to your farming practices.

4.  Measure and manage the vital soil performance indicators to achieve positive and balanced mineral responses and profitable results

5.  Measure and manage the vital pasture performance indicators to grow healthy and nutritious feed for animals and people

6.  Measure and manage the vital animal performance indicators to ensure and achieve efficient, healthy fully fed animals

7.  Adjust farming practices in order to achieve optimum carbon levels and profitability

8.  Practice Clean Water strategies to compliment carbon positive farming product labels

9.  Measure actual Carbon levels in each LMU on the yearly anniversary each year

10. Establish healthy commercial relationships with carbon traders



If you would like to know more about this exciting new technology and learn how you can dramatically increase farming profits and sequester carbon into soil please visit our sister site at: